Non-rumored A5 Sony’s new full-frame entry-level or named A7C

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   According to reports obtained by overseas media, Sony is about to announce a compact full-frame E-mount mirrorless camera, and name it [Sony A7C]. This “C” obviously means “Compact”. This mirrorless camera will be the first and entry-level camera of the possible new “C” series and will be sold in parallel with the current A7-A9 series of mirrorless cameras. At the same time, the source of the news said that “the pre-release code of the fuselage starts from CX, and the code of the lens starts from VX.” So there will be a new camera series and a new lens series. The current guess is that the “V” series lens will be very compact, suitable for this compact “Sony A7C” mirrorless camera.

Non-rumored A5 Sony's new full-frame entry-level or named A7C

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