Olympus E-M5 III will be launched in late summer and supports USB charging

  Olympus E-M5III is rumored to be launched at the end of summer. It may be equipped with the same sensor and a new image processing engine as the E-M1II, supporting 121-point phase focusing. In addition, the machine most likely supports USB charging, and can be powered by power banks and mobile phone chargers. In terms of batteries, Olympus E-M5III may use the same BLS-50 battery as the PEN series and E-M10 series.

Olympus E-M5IIOlympus E -M5II

  Olympus E-M5II was released in February 2015. It has been four years since the E-M5 series is positioned at the mid-end, sandwiched between the E-M1 flagship series and the E-M10 entry series. At the time when the price of E-M1II continues to fall, it is not easy to properly price the E-M5III, which has both increased configuration and cost. Using the same sensor and 121-point phase focus as E-M1II means that its performance will be greatly improved. Leap, the new image processing engine also guarantees the performance. But Olympus is likely to limit the E-M5III’s continuous shooting speed and software algorithms to prevent the E-M1II that has just updated the 3.0 firmware from being affected, but this is just a rumor.

  Editorial view:

   In addition to the upgraded CMOS and image processing engine, the upgraded USB charging function of the E-M1III is also worth looking forward to. I hope Olympus can follow the trend of increasing popularity of the Type-C interface and equip this camera with a full-featured Type-C interface, which can be used for charging and data transmission. The use of a small BLS-50 battery means that the E-M1III may shrink the body. With the iconic anti-drip function of the OM-D series, this camera will have a wide range of applications.

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