Optimize overall stability Panasonic S1H welcome firmware update

   As the world’s first model, it supports 6K/24P, 5.9K/30P and 4:2:210bit/60P4K/C4K, a dynamic range of 14 stops or more, supports V-Log/V-Gamut, no video recording time limit, etc. The Panasonic S1H has attracted the attention of many users. The S1H is equipped with a 24.2 million full-frame sensor, coupled with 225-point contrast autofocus and 5-axis image stabilization on the camera body. It has a very good experience. Recently, Panasonic officially launched a new firmware for this camera.

Optimize overall stability Panasonic S1H welcome firmware update

  Panasonic S1H

  The version number of the new firmware is Ver1.1, including the following updates and repairs:

  In the HFR mode, depending on the subject, there may sometimes be increased noise. The error has been fixed.

  Extend compatibility with Profoto wireless transmitters: Profoto wireless transmitters “AirRemoteTTL-O/P” and “ProfotoConnect-O/P” can be used to achieve wireless connection and control of external flashes for Professional shooting.

  The new version of the firmware can be downloaded here

  Editor’s point of view

   Although there is not much content in this upgrade, it focuses on the optimization of related functions. Due to the responsibility of our own products and users, we also look forward to the future firmware upgrade content to inspire more strength of this micro-single.

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