Or coming soon! Canon EOS R5 has been registered overseas

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   Canon first officially announced the existence of EOSR5 this micro-single in February this year. In March, it also brought more data on this camera. Recently, foreign media revealed that Canon registered a camera body with the code DS126838 in the Korean Radio Regulatory Agency, and this body is EOSR5. This also means that the official release of EOSR5 is getting closer and closer to us.

Or coming soon! Canon EOS R5 has been registered overseas

  Canon EOSR5

   Here we also review the previous rumors of foreign media and the EOSR5 parameters exposed by Canon. The content in bold and red is the rumors

  45 million pixel full-frame sensor


  The body image stabilization provides 5 levels of compensation, and it can reach 7 to 8 levels when combined with the lens stabilization.

  The continuous shooting speed under the mechanical shutter is 12 frames/sec. The continuous shooting speed under the electronic shutter is 20 frames per second

   dual memory card slot design

  8K@30fps video recording

  4K@120fps video recording


  4K@60fps video recording

  Built-in 5GWi-Fi

  Using a new larger capacity battery, the appearance is similar to LP-E6

   Expected Unveiled in July 2020

  Editor’s View

  Most of EOSR5 parameters have been exposed, and now only the standby device will be unveiled as soon as possible. Canon has previously hinted that it will be given on April 13 With more information, will it also mean the official debut of Canon EOSR5? We will continue to pay attention.

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