Or equipped with 65 million pixel sensor, Canon’s new full-frame special micro-parameter exposure

   Canon EOSR full-frame micro-release was released on September 5, 2018. It is equipped with a 30.3 million pixel full-frame back-illuminated sensor, supports full-pixel dual-core focusing, and has a maximum continuous shooting speed of 8 frames per second. Canon EOSR, as the first full-frame mirrorless camera launched by Canon, has a milestone and also has many shortcomings: the innovative touch bar experience is not used to it, only a single SD card slot, 1.6+ video cropping coefficient, There is no body anti-shake etc. But recently, foreign media exposed the core parameters of Canon EOSR’s high-pixel version.

Or equipped with 65 million pixel sensor, Canon's new full-frame special micro-parameter exposure

   Canon EOSRs all Frame-specific micro-imaginary images

   The high-pixel version of Canon EOSR’s full-frame micro-focus, or EOSRs, is positioned as a professional-grade mirrorless camera. It is rumored that it will be equipped with a new 65-megapixel full-frame sensor. An anonymous source said that Canon’s engineering test machine is currently equipped with a variety of sensors of different specifications, including this 65-megapixel full-frame sensor.

  Editor’s point of view

   If the rumors are true, then the market competition for high-resolution mirrorless cameras will obviously become more intense. What will happen to the latitude and focus system performance, and will this camera be equipped with Canon’s body anti-shake function for the first time? We will continue to follow up.

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