Or focus on video performance? Olympus CEO speaks again

   At the end of 2019, Olympus news has been constant. From the very beginning, Olympus may withdraw from the camera market. Later, it said that it would stick to the camera business and then reverse it again. In short, Olympus’s camera business has been constantly attracting our attention, and the Olympus CEO recently expressed the importance of the video business to the entire company in an interview with foreign media.

Or focus on video performance? Olympus CEO speaks again

   In the interview, he said, “To make Olympus To maximize the corporate value of the company, we need the video business today, but we are not sure whether we can do it next year.” “The ultimate deciding factor is whether it can make a long-term contribution to the company’s value.” In addition, in the interview, he also explained the importance of the camera business in the company’s overall business. It said that the reason for insisting on the camera business is its “relationship with the medical business.” “We can contribute to other businesses in two ways: technology for producing high-definition images and proprietary technology for mass production.” The rapid development of technologies for cameras and interchangeable lenses, such as image processing and optical design, will promote The development of imaging technology is the core of Olympus technology. The technology cultivated in the camera business is useful for 4K endoscope systems in the medical field.

  Editor’s point of view

   After an unsatisfactory financial quarter, Olympus’s camera business is also booming, and its lens products will also usher in early next year Price increase. On the other hand, other camera manufacturers in the M4/3 camp have played a good role in video performance, which can be considered a firm foothold. We will also continue to pay attention to related developments of Olympus.

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