Panasonic M4/3 product line will focus on vlog in the future

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  43rumors obtained information from a very reliable source:

Panasonic M4/3 product line will focus on vlog in the future

  Panasonic will change its strategy on M4/3. M4/3 will focus on the vLog field. As most people turn to full frame, they cannot see the huge market for GH6. Therefore, the upcoming GH6 may be more like a “professional” G100. It has enhanced mobile integration, not just an upgraded version of GH5. Or in short, GH6 may not have the required specifications, and the professional video M4/3 road will end with GH5.

  G9 is now selling very well in India. For the discussion of the follow-up machine, GH5 comes with an additional video package. But don’t expect a “big surprise” here.

The future of   M4/3 has not yet been determined-Panasonic is very cautious because Olympus resells its imaging business. Sigma hopes that Panasonic will focus on the L mount

   I don’t know what to think about this…43rumors believes that this strategy is very “lame” and may not work in the long run. Therefore, I hope this well-known and reliable source is wrong this time…or Panasonic will change its mind after reading the comments on this article:)

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