Panasonic will still consider launching GH6

  This article is from Seying Wuji

  DIYphotography found a recent interview with Panasonic executives. Panasonic executives claimed that Panasonic is still committed to the M4/3 system development and is still considering GH6:

Panasonic will still consider launching GH6

   3.5 years have passed since GH5 was launched on the market. Many customers Still buying GH5, many creators still shoot movies with M4/3 system. As I have promised many times, we will continue to develop products suitable for the M4/3 system and full-frame products to meet the needs of creators. I will inform you about the alternative model of the GH camera you asked about, but this information may be disseminated. Of course, we are considering and we look forward to meeting you.

  Panasonic is currently undergoing a large-scale reorganization, and I don’t know what will be left of the M4/3 business after completion.

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