Photography You ask me answer: How to choose a home video camera?

  Q: I want to buy a home camera that can also take care of video shooting. The budget is less than 8K, please recommend!

  A: With the increasing popularity of mobile phone photography, people have higher and higher requirements for cameras: not only can they take better photos, but also high-quality videos. There are indeed many cameras on the market for video shooting, such as Panasonic’s S1H, GH5 series, and Sony’s A7S series are all dedicated video cameras, but in fact, for an ordinary user, there is a high probability that Log and high For professional functions such as code stream, the operating pressure is not small, and the hard disk consumption is also painful. Today we will give you an analysis of the key points for selecting home video cameras and the recommended camera models.


Photography You ask me answer: How to choose a home video camera?

  EOS M6 II is equipped with a full-pixel dual-core CMOS autofocus system, video focusing is fast and smooth

   For most of the current cameras, CMOS sensors basically support phase focus, such as Canon The mainstream models of, Sony and Fuji are basically OK. However, all SLR cameras from Panasonic and Nikon, except for the latest D780, do not support phase focusing in video, so the ease of use is relatively poor.

  Upgrade video

  Upgrade is also commonly referred to as slow motion video. Real-time is a very important means to improve the quality of the picture. It is helpful and important for general consumers to shoot videos. , I think it is still very critical. At present, mainstream models such as Sony, Canon’s EOS M6 Mark II, and EOS 90D all support 120-frame upgrade at 1080P. This is also the specification that I believe is more in line with the needs of the public. Make good use of it, and it can be easily shot Produce high-quality videos.


Photography You ask me answer: How to choose a home video camera?

  Canon EOS M6 II supports audio input and can be used with an external microphone

  In addition, does the camera screen support flip touch? Does it support external microphone and earphone monitoring? It is also very important for users in need.

  To summarize the above, we recommend Canon EOS M6 II, Sony A6400, Nikon Z50, Fuji X-T3 as your first choice for video entry: all are the main micro-single products of major brands, and the price is not expensive. The performance is basically the same. You can choose according to the situation of the lens at hand and the brand preference.

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