Position the flagship! Fuji X-H series mirrorless single will continue to be retained

   Along with the update of the Fuji X-T series of micro-singles, the X-H1 that was unveiled in 2018 has not been updated yet. There are also speculations that Fuji may cut this product line because of the rise of the X-T series of micro-singles. However, foreign media recently reported that Fuji X-H series micro-single product line will continue to exist and X-H2 will be launched.

Position the flagship! Fuji X-H series mirrorless single will continue to be retained

  The picture is cash X-H1

   At present, there are not too many detailed parameters about X-H2. What we know is that at the meeting in November 19, Fuji may decide the future of XH series micro-single—— The Fuji XH product line will continue, and the X-H2 will be positioned as the flagship micro-single as the X-H1. X-H2 will be equipped with a new sensor. It is not excluded that it is the 43-megapixel Sony IMX671AQR that we exposed earlier. In addition, it may also be equipped with a new processor, the number or two, and the video performance will also be greatly improved.

  Editor’s point of view

   I believe that Fuji, which uses APS-C format sensors in all 35mm products, has a high right to speak for the definition of APS-C products. As the Fuji X-T4 is about to be released this month, obviously it is unlikely that X-H2 will be released in the short term. However, Fuji’s various signs indicate that X-H2 may be more flagship than the flagship, due to the performance of X-T4. It has reached a very high level, so we are more looking forward to what major breakthroughs will be made in the subsequent products of this XH series?

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