Return to the Brexit negotiating table, the UK and the EU try to solve the fisheries problem

   The United Kingdom and the European Union have made good progress in the last-minute trade agreement negotiations, but the fisheries problem is still the biggest sticking point. If an agreement can be reached, it will prevent the five-year Brexit crisis from turning into chaos.

   The United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union in January, and the two sides are currently trying to reach an agreement to resolve the rules that will be followed by bilateral trade with an annual scale of nearly $1 trillion after the transition period ends on December 31. .

   “We are in tense negotiations with the European Union, and we have made substantial progress.” British International Trade Secretary Truth said.

   “But if the EU is not prepared to reach an agreement that allows the UK to retain sovereignty, then we will adopt Australian-style clauses. I think that is completely reasonable.”

   passing through the UK After threatening to overturn some of the Brexit agreement and Johnson briefly suspending negotiations on Friday, the EU expressed its readiness to negotiate the legal text of the draft agreement.

   Barnier and Frost, the chief negotiators of the United Kingdom and the European Union, met on Friday to step up negotiations.

   After making progress in competition guarantees such as state aid regulations, the hardest problem remains the fishery: Johnson insists on taking back control of the waters, while the EU requires access to the fishery area.

   Ireland’s Foreign Minister Covinni said that negotiations are now back on track, and he believes that the UK and the EU can reach a trade agreement, but he also said that fair competition and fisheries issues that hinder reaching an agreement “most still exist” .

   “I think we can reach an agreement…After all kinds of political games, what we now have is the process of getting back on track,” Covinni said, but he added that the two sides are in the fishing industry. There are still “great differences” on the issue.

  Symbol of Sovereignty

   When asked whether an agreement can be reached, Barkley, the chief secretary of the British Ministry of Finance, said that he hopes to reach an agreement, but the fishery issue is still the key crux.

   “The agreement needs to reflect the fact that we will leave the European Union and we will regain control of the fishery,” he told Sky.

   A source who participated in the closed-door meeting said that Barnier said at a briefing with diplomats on Wednesday that he was only worried about fisheries.

   “The problem to be solved now is the fishery problem. Other elements are more or less feasible,” the diplomat said.

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