RF port “fitness equipment” unveiled, multiple Canon RF port lenses exposed

   In the current market, most fixed-focus lenses with a 135mm focal length have an F1.8 aperture. The combination of telephoto and a large F1.8 aperture gives it an excellent blur effect. But what if you think the blur effect is not enough? After Canon launched the RF mount system, we also saw many very powerful RF lens patents. This time, foreign media exposed Canon’s new lens patent-RF135mmF1.4LUSM.

RF port "fitness equipment" unveiled, multiple Canon RF port lenses exposed

  The picture is cash EF135mmF2L lens

   The highlight of this lens is obviously the combination of 135mm focal length and F1.4 large aperture, and as an L-class lens, it will definitely be quite solid in terms of materials, which means this lens The weight of the lens is naturally not low, and it is expected to become the “fitness equipment” of the RF mount. The relevant information in the patent is as follows

   Focal length: 131.00mm

   F value: 1.41

   Half angle of view: 9.38 degrees

   Image height: 21.64mm

  Lens length: 182.28mm

   It is reported that in addition to this lens, Canon may also launch an RF mount F2.8 aperture biscuit lens and An RF50mmf/1.8 lens.

  Editorial view

  RF135mmF1.4LUSM may have a higher chance of becoming a mass-produced product. The parameters of this lens are obviously quite amazing. The cookie head may be released in the first half of 2020. We also look forward to the actual performance of these lenses.

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