Ricoh launches the new Vecnos brand, the main panoramic camera product

   According to foreign media reports, Ricoh has just established a subsidiary named “Vecnos”, which will focus on panoramic camera products.

Ricoh launches the new Vecnos brand, the main panoramic camera product

  Vecnos CEO Shu Ubukata said that the new brand will maintain a relatively independent operation.

  Vecnos’ first product is a panoramic camera product shaped like a magic wand. If you don’t look closely, you might think it is a small wireless microphone.

   As there are already many panoramic camera products on the market that support 360-degree content shooting, Ricoh’s move does not seem to have caused much disturbance. Even so, Ricoh has not given up on creating better panoramic camera products.

   IT House learned from a new report from Wired that the unnamed first-generation product of Vecnos will use a four-camera + dual-button rod-shaped design. .

   Like other panoramic cameras, this product can capture the environment around the photographer, not just the space in front of them. Images can be spliced ​​into a 360-degree picture and viewed through mobile phones, VR headsets, etc.

  Ubukata said that Vecnos is committed to creating a more easy-to-use panoramic camera so that ordinary people can master the methods of use and creation. Combined with the supporting mobile application, users can easily create panoramic images and video content, and directly share them on mainstream platforms.

   The price and launch date of the first Vecnos product are not yet known.

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