Ricoh officially shares the details of Pentax APS-C DSLR flagship product

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   Affected by the current coronavirus epidemic, many technology exhibitions this year have been cancelled, including the CP+2020 Camera Show. Ricoh originally planned to be at the CP+2020 Camera Show. The brand new flagship SLR camera with APS-C format was displayed on the website, and the company has now shared some details of this product online.

   This APS-C flagship SLR camera made its debut at Pentax’s 100th anniversary event last year, and Ricoh’s latest announcement focuses on the new optical viewfinder in this compact camera. It is reported that it is made of a special glass, which was selected for its excellent refraction quality. The designers’ goal is 1.05x magnification, which can achieve a preview of the same width as the K-1 Mark II. . Some padding is added around the eye mask to improve user comfort, and the sensor under the viewfinder will automatically dim the LCD panel when it detects the user’s eyes are approaching.

   Ricoh said that its autofocus will be improved on the previous model, but apart from saying that it should match the K-1, Ricoh has not disclosed more details for the time being. The rear focus lever has been redesigned to improve ergonomics, while adopting a new pentaprism design, it also promises to improve autofocus subject tracking, and all important components including the drive control and autofocus system have been improved .

   Ricoh engineers are also working on a new battery handle, so that more photos can be taken per charge, and vertical shooting is easy. This unnamed flagship machine will be released at the end of this year. The company hopes that the current new crown epidemic will not affect the production schedule. More information will appear before release.

Ricoh officially shares the details of Pentax APS-C DSLR flagship product

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