Scientists make contact lens lenses that can zoom

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   Recently, a scientist announced a new research result: They made a This kind of miniature lens can be mounted on the eye like a contact lens, and the wearer can control the lens by blinking and turning the eyeball.

The artistic effect of the lens in the eyeThe artistic effect of the lens in the eye

   Researchers from the University of California, San Diego published a paper titled “Electronic Optical Signal Controlled Bionic Soft Lens” in AdvancedFunctionalMaterials and introduced their research results in detail.

   This contact lens lens uses a set of five electrodes to surround the eyeball. When the wearer blinks his eyes twice, an electrical signal is transmitted to the polymer film of the lens, causing it to expand or contract , To achieve the zoom effect.

Contact lens principle demonstrationContact lens principle demonstration

   In 2013, European scientists developed a contact lens lens with a maximum zoom of 2.8 times that can be controlled by blinking, but the new lens described in this article can also detect the movement of the human eye. Therefore, this lens can also track the direction of the angle of view for targeted zooming.

Control zoom technology displayControl zoom technology display

  This This technology is still in its infancy, and there is still a long way to go. Scientists say that this technology can be used in many aspects such as remote control robots and mechanical eyeballs.

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   This lens looks like something from James Bond in 007. With such a contact lens lens, we can easily see far away There are things, and further, it is not impossible to take pictures. The camera integrated in the contact lens is cool to think about!

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