Sigma releases an upgraded firmware with 8 repair items

   Recently, according to Sigma’s news, Sigma’s first full-frame mirrorless camera fp released an upgraded firmware version 1.02. Another source pointed out that this summer will release version 2.00 to upgrade the firmware. Sigma fp adopts the L-mount design of the cooperation of Panasonic/Sigma/Leica, so the three L-mount lenses can also be used.

Sigma releases an upgraded firmware with 8 repair items

  1.02 version upgrade firmware content:

  Fixed the phenomenon that unprocessable DNG files will be generated when using timer interval shooting in rare cases


   fixed the phenomenon of distortion when recording videos in MOV format and UHD resolution in rare cases.

  Fixed the phenomenon that distortion compensation and peripheral light compensation do not work correctly when focusing near infinity, which causes the video image to appear distorted.

  Fixed an error message when using certain SD cards.

  Fixed the phenomenon that under certain parameter settings, even when the bracketing function is set to off, the bracketed shooting will be performed.

  Fixed the phenomenon that the brightness of the LCD will change according to the subject even when the “M mode exposure preview function” in the body menu is set to “On”.

  Fixed the phenomenon that the exposure display in M ​​mode is incorrect when using an adapter ring without electrical contacts.

   fixed a phenomenon that affects very few people, that is, when the power is off, the power consumption is greater than when it is in use.

   2.00 version upgrade firmware content:

  Support Cinema DNG 120/100fps video shooting

  Support GIF animation Picture cinemagraph function

   supports Cine mode video shooting process/live view situation of still photo shooting

   supports HDR shooting

   supports director viewfinder mode Video recording function

  Support SDK

   You can see that version 1.02 fixes many bugs that appeared before, but we are more looking forward to the firmware upgrade of version 2.00, which will improve the Sigma fp micro-single The camera’s video capabilities.

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