Smart “Polaroid” Canon launches Ivy CLIQ+2 and CLIQ 2

   Canon has announced a pair of new cameras with a built-in printer in its Ivy Klick series. The new models, Ivy CLIQ+2 and Ivy CLIQ 2, both produce 3×2 inch prints, double as stickers, can be decorated with borders before printing, and the front of the camera is also equipped with a “selfie mirror” for selfie more convenient.

Smart "Polaroid" Canon launches Ivy CLIQ+2 and CLIQ 2

   Ivy CLIQ 2 model has a 5MP sensor and built-in filter, which users can access in the camera. The Ivy CLIQ+2 has an 8MP sensor and is equipped with a smartphone application, which connects to a smartphone through the Canon Mini Print application, allowing users to preview images, decorate pictures, add text and share them before printing.

   The camera has been installed with a zinc printer to extract the CMY dyes that have been embedded on the paper with heat. According to Canon, it takes about 50 seconds to print a 3×2 inch photo. The camera can hold 10 sheets of paper at a time, and the user should charge the battery after 25 sheets are printed. CLIQ +2 also has a ring of LED lights outside the lens, supplemented by built-in photo frame and filter functions, and three shooting modes.

  The new camera is scheduled to be launched this month, along with a new round sticker. The price of Ivy Cliq+2 is 149 US dollars, the price of Ivy CLIQ 2 is 99 US dollars, while the price of round stickers is 12.99 US dollars, and ordinary rectangular paper is 9.99 US dollars. In this way, these two cameras seem to integrate a Polaroid into a body the same size as a card reader. They are light and cute, and blind guessing will be popular with many girls.

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