Some skills of street photography

   Most of the things about street photography have nothing to do with technology. As we all know, street photography may be the least demanding type of shooting. There are no requirements for equipment, just a machine that can take pictures. There are no special shooting skills. Street photography is enough to guarantee two points: social place + uncontrollable picture.

  Social places require us to take pictures in an open public place, and the uncontrollable picture requires that what we shoot is not to pose, but to predict and capture sudden moments. Street photography is very simple, but simplicity does not mean that you can take good shots. Most of the photos may be mediocre and unscrupulous. Even the world-recognized masters of street photography cannot guarantee that every time you shoot Able to take pictures to your satisfaction.

Some skills of street photography

  Street photography is more important to the development of a habit. How to use the easiest way to capture the best picture in a natural state.

   often shoot

  Because street photography does not have certain rules, any method is allowed, as long as the premise is to shoot under the premise of not breaking the law. Everyone Have your own shooting habits. As long as you shoot often, you can always develop your own shooting methods. You may feel a little embarrassed at first, but if you take more shots, you will naturally be fearless, but the premise is to be polite and not make the person you are shooting feel uncomfortable.

Some skills of street photography

  Exploratory spirit

  When it comes to photography Or in any other form of creation, exploration is one of the common themes of creators.

   For street photographers, this means that we have to travel to different locations to shoot, whether it is a strange city or a strange corner of the city where we are. Only when we leave the place we are familiar with, can we observe the surrounding things more seriously and discover the different beauty from it. Being in unfamiliar places will also bring us new shooting opportunities, and these opportunities will also inject new vitality into our images, making us more confident street photographers.

Some skills of street photography


  For the camera, Street photography does not have a clear requirement. It can be shot at wide angle, super wide angle, standard lens, and telephoto. Each focal length has its own unique characteristics. As long as we are used to a certain focal length, we will be able to Use it to shoot your own satisfactory work. However, it is still not recommended to take a lot of cameras or lenses to take pictures. First of all, too heavy equipment will reduce our enthusiasm for shooting. Too many choices often bring no choice. In many cases, appropriate restrictions can more stimulate our creativity.

Some skills of street photography

  Go or stop?

   Although for street photographers, it is necessary to keep walking to discover new images. But sometimes you may not be able to capture anything if you keep walking. When we find a good background, we can stop and wait for the right person to enter the picture. More often, the decisive moment is not a sudden discovery, but the result of anticipation and waiting.

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