Sony A7sIII will support CFexpress card

  This article comes from Seying Wuji

  SAR received a message from a reliable source:

   Sony A7sIII will have dual card slots. It has two slots for both SD card and CFexpress mini.

  The confusion now is that SAR believes in the source, but he says “CFexpress mini”. I don’t know if he meant the well-known CFexpress Type B card or Sony will use the new CFexpress Typ A card. If you want to know what these cards are, Explora wrote an article:

Sony A7sIII will support CFexpress card

   Recently, the CompactFlash Association released the CFexpress 2.0 specification. Three different specifications are introduced. Type A is the smallest and can have up to 1 channel for 1 GB/s transmission.

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