Sony APS-C sensor is also 8K? Sony’s new sensor exposed

   Recently, Sony has registered a sensor with 43 million pixels, which can support 8K 12bit video recording, and an APS-C frame sensor with a still image bit depth of up to 16 bits.

   This sensor code-named IMX671AQR should be used in a high-end model, presumably it is Sony’s upcoming A600 series of high-pixel machines, but the high-pixel, 8K and APS-C format are combined Many netizens still hold a wait-and-see attitude towards its image quality and performance.

Sony APS-C sensor is also 8K? Sony's new sensor exposed

When high pixels meet APS-C frame sensor, how to control high-sensitivity noise? When recording 8K video, how to achieve good heat dissipation on the compact body? Just looking at the parameters, I feel that this camera is expensive. How can consumers pay for it? I really look forward to how Sony solves these problems.

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