Sony may have news of A7SIII on April 30

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Sony may have news of A7SIII on April 30

  So far, Regarding the news of Sony’s new product release on April 30, the only reliable thing is that it is rumored to launch three new Cine E mount lenses. There is still no news about the A7sII successor. But in the past few hours, some Sony and Cine sources have started to talk about this conference, which will actually be a major news release. Now, these are indeed subjective, and the “big” for them may not be “interesting” for E-mount photography users.

   We still hope that Sony can have a “trailer” announcement like Canon did on EOS-R5, at least giving us the release time of the A7sII successor and some new specifications. We hope this is the “big event” that those influential people talk about. But like I said, I have no confirmation about this, but I hope I am correct.

  According to Sony’s statement, the following is part of the A7sIII content:

   There must be at least “4K / 60, 10-bit 4:2:2”

Some functions will “exceed expectations”

  ”Of course there is more battery power to improve AF accuracy!”

   This is revealed by a reliable source who has seen the prototype :

  The prototype machine supports 4k 120p

  The prototype machine is much thicker and has heat dissipation holes

   The same improvement as A9II

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