Sony pushes Cinema Line’s new FX6 camera to be on sale at the end of the year

   Sony Co., Ltd. today announced the launch of the CinemaLine movie camera system, which is a product series for content creators. It brings together Sony’s technical advantages in the field of digital movie shooting. , Details, and technology. Sony’s existing digital cinema camera products, CineAltaV and FX9, will become part of CinemaLine. The next step is to launch a new product FX6, which will attract more visual creators. The product is scheduled to be released and sold at the end of 2020.

Sony FX6Sony FX6

  CinemaLine movie camera system comes from the accumulation of rich experience in digital film production, presents an amazing digital film-level texture, and also provides high-level controllability Sex and reliability meet the diverse needs of creators, help them further expand the boundaries of creation, and capture the emotions in each frame.

   As early as 2000, Sony released the breakthrough HDW-F900, which was the world’s first 24p digital movie camera at that time, using 12bit analog/digital conversion And advanced digital signal processing, HADCCD technology and compact overall design, its birth marked the beginning of the digital movie era.

Sony pushes Cinema Line's new FX6 camera to be on sale at the end of the year

   Since then, through continuous dialogues with cinematographers and image creators and sorting out their needs, other products such as CineAltaV and FX9 have also been born. As Sony’s flagship camera product, CineAltaV is the first in the industry to adopt a full-frame image sensor. At the same time, the CineAltaV6K resolution achieves high image quality with a good balance between resolution and latitude, color gamut, and signal noise. At present, CineAltaV and FX9 have become the first choice for digital film shooting and documentary production.

   Each CinemaLine camera will develop and progress with the needs of users: starting from November 2020, CineAltaV will provide several in its V6.0 version Additional features, which will further improve its operability in broadcast and live environments. The upgraded version of FX9Version3 will be released in 2021. It will add S700PTP*1 to realize remote control of the camera. At the same time, it will also increase the central scanning mode of Super16mm lens, B4 lens support adapter and other functions to further enhance the creativity of creators. Freedom and flexibility.

  *1: S700PTP is a protocol that implements S700P on TCP/IP

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