Sony releases new A-mount lens adapter LA-EA5

   On September 1, 2020, Sony Co., Ltd. officially released the new adapter ring LA-EA5. Through the new adapter ring, users can easily change the A mount lens *1 Transfer to an E-mount Mirrorless™ body*1 to use it to experience the better autofocus performance of the Sony Mirrorless™ camera.


   When using the LA-EA5 adapter ring to connect the A-mount lens to the Sony Mirrorless™ body*1, it has SSM and SAM* 2 Lenses with autofocus motors can achieve better autofocus and high-speed continuous shooting performance, while A-mount lenses without built-in autofocus motors can also achieve autofocus on some models.

   When used on Sony Mirrorless™ Alpha7RIV*3 or Alpha6600*3, SSM/SAM lenses and lenses without built-in focus motor can be used at the highest High-speed continuous shooting up to approximately 10fps or 11fps*5 is achieved under AF/AE tracking*4. In addition, the focal plane phase autofocus*6, wide focus coverage, real-time eye focusing of humans and animals, real-time tracking and AF/AE tracking can be achieved.

Alpha7RIV +LA-EA5+SAL85F14ZAlpha7RIV+LA-EA5+SAL85F14Z

  LA-EA5 adopts a compact and small design, with an aperture drive unit and a newly developed micro autofocus drive system . In order to operate more comfortably on the E-mount Mirrorless™ body, the diameter of the new adapter ring matches the diameter of the end of the A-mount lens and is aligned with the edge of the mount without protrusions. Even if the Sony vertical shooting handle is installed on the body, it can still be easily controlled.


   Sony’s new adapter ring LA-EA5 will go on sale at the end of October 2020 at a price of RMB 1,980.

  *1: From September 2020, Alpha7III, Alpha7RIII, Alpha7RIV, Alpha6100, Alpha6400, Alpha6600, Alpha9, Alpha9II and Alpha7SIII will be converted to SSM/SAM lens Both support focal plane phase detection and focus. The lens without built-in focus motor supports focal plane phase detection and focusing when it is transferred to Alpha7RIV and Alpha6600.

  *2: STF lenses only support manual focus, not teleconverters.

  *3: The firmware of Alpha7RIV must be updated to V1.20 or higher, and the firmware of Alpha6600 must be updated to V1.10 or higher.

  *4: For automatic exposure tracking, the aperture is fixed at the first frame, and the exposure is automatically adjusted based on the shutter speed and ISO.

  *5: Alpha7RIV, Alpha9 and Alpha9II, the highest continuous shooting speed is 10fps; the highest continuous shooting speed of Alpha6600 is 11fps. The continuous shooting speed may vary depending on the attached lens.

  *6: Auto focus cannot be used during video shooting.

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