Support 3K 60 frames and 2 times slow motion GoPro Max firmware update

   GoPro today launched a firmware update for the GoProMAX panoramic camera, unlocking more new ways to shoot in panoramic mode! New features include shooting 3K60-frame video, time-lapse photos and time-lapse videos in panoramic mode.

Support 3K 60 frames and 2 times slow motion GoPro Max firmware update


   The newly added 3K60 frame video in the panoramic shooting mode provides users with more creative flexibility, making dynamic scenes or any content suitable for slow motion playback cooler, such as riding a skateboard down a mountain or installing a camera When rotating together on the Frisbee, this mode can make the movie have amazing effects. At the same time, choosing 2x slow motion shooting can make editing more flexible, especially to provide more editing space for adjusting or zooming the picture when panoramic video rendering materials, allowing users to more easily capture the desired effect in their minds!

   In addition, this update also includes time-lapse photos and time-lapse video functions under the panorama. In the past, users have been able to take time-lapse photos and videos in MAX’s HERO mode. The newly added panorama mode time-lapse photos and videos means that users can have more space to shoot longer time-lapse content, including sunrise, Beautiful scenery along the sunset or road trip, etc.

   Time-lapse photos allow users to completely free their hands during activities and automatically record panoramic photos. Compared with the need to manually press the capture button to take panoramic photos before the update, MAX users can now use the photo delay function to select the most exciting moments from the photos taken in the time-lapse mode, or stitch all the photos into a complete extension Time video.

   GoPro Media Creative Director Abe Kislevitz is a senior GoPro employee. He said: “3K60-frame video allows users to capture and create more diverse content, especially sports scenes. In addition, time-lapse photos and time-lapse videos can provide more creative space for shooting longer content.”

Support 3K 60 frames and 2 times slow motion GoPro Max firmware updateSupport 3K 60 frames and 2 times slow motion GoPro Max firmware update

   This update also extends the powerful level meter function to TimeWarp and photo shooting in single-lens HERO mode, allowing users to record non-panoramic content no longer Taking into account whether the horizontal line has been placed, whether it is portrait or landscape shooting, it can be perfectly level.

  GoProApp is an indispensable part of MAX experience. This one-stop editing application can transform panoramic material into photos and content that can be shared instantly. After the update, when using the 5G wireless network to import MAX material into GoProApp, the speed will be 25% faster than before, allowing users to share records faster and more convenient.

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