Sword Finger Improves Picture Quality Canon’s New Sensor Patent Exposure

   Canon is one of the few manufacturers that can produce its own image sensor. From the two cameras of Canon EOS90D and EOSM6MarkII that were launched earlier, we can feel that Canon has made certain progress in the manufacture of image sensors. , And Canon has been researching new ways to make different sensors. Recently, foreign media has once again exposed a new Canon patent for image sensors.

Sword Finger Improves Picture Quality Canon's New Sensor Patent Exposure

   Canon’s new sensor Patent exposure

   The patent number is 2019-212737. This patent is related to its back-illuminated sensor and mainly relates to its back-illuminated sensor production method. Canon mentioned in the patent that in order to prevent damage to the photodiodes and related circuits at the edge of the sensor during the etching process, it is recommended to place a charged film on the top to reduce damage and further reduce the dark current of the sensor, which will have a certain impact on the image quality. The promotion.

  Editor’s point of view

  As one of the most core components in the camera, the image sensor has always been a place for camera manufacturers to compete. The patent is naturally one of the core reserves of each manufacturer, and this patent exposure of Canon sensor, on the one hand, shows Canon’s own technical reserves, but also a display of Canon’s higher pursuit of sensor technology.

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