Talk to Canon EOS R5: “Mighty” is inseparable from powerful strength

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   Following the continued warming of Canon’s new product preheating topic in early 2020, Canon EOSR5, R6 and a variety of new lenses were released in July 2020, setting off a new round of popularity scene. While looking forward to the official launch of the new products, people talked about the heavy features such as 8K video, powerful continuous shooting at high pixels, collaborative anti-shake, and focus brought by Canon’s new products. “Canon New Products” has become a hot topic nowadays, and it has also brought the whole photography circle to life. Here, we also had a conversation with the vice president of Canon Co., Ltd. Mr. Toshiyuki Ishii and the senior manager Mr. Li Kaiyu immediately after the new product was released. In addition to talking about EOSR5 and other new product related topics, we also discussed the new product release Outside Canon has brought many influences to the photography industry.

Talk to Canon EOS R5: "Mighty" is inseparable from powerful strength

   Canon Co., Ltd. Vice President Toshiyuki Ishii and Senior Manager Li Kaiyu accepted an exclusive interview with

  ”R5″ for the Chinese market

   At the beginning of the interview, Toshiyuki Ishii revealed to us It is very interesting and significant news. Canon’s naming of the new product “R5” this time is inseparable from the help of the Chinese market. It can be said that R5 is a product created and launched for Chinese customers. This is all thanks to China becoming the world’s best market for Canon EOS5DMarkIV. Even in the latest May 2020, according to market statistics, China still has the highest market share of EOS5DMarkIV. So “5” has a very good tradition in China. “This time we specifically requested the Japanese side to name this machine 5 when we were naming it, so I want to say that the R5 launched this time also means mighty. It was built and launched by us for Chinese customers,” Ishii Toshiyuki continued Talking about: “So the story we tell it is the combination of Weidan’s’Wei’, plus the legendary 5, and the meaning of’Mighty’ in Chinese is very good, it means strong and fighting spirit.”

Talk to Canon EOS R5: "Mighty" is inseparable from powerful strength

  Canon Co., Ltd. deputy President Toshiyuki Ishii showed Canon EOSR5

   It is worthy of recognition that during the epidemic raging in 2020, Canon did some activities in March, April, and May 2020. In order to revitalize the entire industry, Canon continued to promote news of new products until the week before the release on July 9. “Our last release date is July 9th, but we started to release countdown related information 7 days in advance. This time we made some original ideas in warm-up, which is to allow the entire industry to interact with us. “Ishii Toshiyuki introduced. In fact, both Sony and Fuji have made some responses on social media after the release of Canon’s new products. In Ishii Toshiyuki’s view, this is a good way to “activate the entire industry.” It’s a quarrel, which is actually a very good and benign interaction.”

   For the EOSR5 and other new products themselves, Canon foresees that micro-single will be a trend in the future. Toshiyuki Ishii believes, The release of this new product has proved to the world that the camera is still promising in terms of functional evolution. “After the Canon R system was launched, we got a lot of feedback from the market, and finally today, we launched EOSR5.”

   is proud of anti-shake, not just day and night

   Canon EOSR5 and R6 are the first Canon EOSR series products equipped with body anti-shake, and they bring a very “anti-sky” effect. The highest level of anti-shake capability is also one of the top capabilities in the current camera industry. However, I don’t know that Canon was the first brand to propose the anti-shake function in the camera industry. This topic was raised as early as 1993. After two years of research and development, it brought the first anti-shake lens EF75-300mmF4-5.6 in 1995. ISUSM, anti-shake technology has gradually entered a wide range of product lines such as card cameras and anti-shake binoculars.

Talk to Canon EOS R5: "Mighty" is inseparable from powerful strength

   Canon Co., Ltd. Vice President Toshiyuki Ishii demonstrated the portability of the RF800mm lens

  ”Today, Canon has launched an EOSR5 product that combines body anti-shake and lens anti-shake dual anti-shake functions. You can see that it is also a flower It took a long time, but it did achieve impressive results,” said Toshiyuki Ishii. Therefore, there is no doubt that the powerful anti-shake ability brought by Canon this time is naturally one of the aspects that Canon is most proud of.

   And the mirrorless camera just happened to give Canon an excellent stage to maximize the advantages of anti-shake technology. Here, Li Kaiyu, Senior Manager of Canon Co., Ltd., focused on how the Canon EOSR system and RF lens achieve high-efficiency anti-shake capability: “First of all, the diameter of 54mm. The inner diameter of the RF mount as you see is 54mm, which is currently the largest One of the bayonet mounts, our sensor will have greater space and amplitude when it is displaced. This is the inherent advantage brought by the bayonet mount.”

Talk to Canon EOS R5: "Mighty" is inseparable from powerful strength

  Li Kaiyu, Senior Manager of Canon Co., Ltd., introduced the advantages of Canon’s micro-single large-size bayonet

   The information exchange rate of the lens mount contacts and the collaborative work of the camera’s DIGICX processor are also a major technological breakthrough for Canon this time. Li Kaiyu continued: “The bayonet of the RF lens has 12 contacts. When it is matched with the lens, the information can be interacted in real time. The anti-shake information detected by the lens and the anti-shake information detected by the body can cooperate with each other. And even if there are many RF lenses without optical image stabilization, such as the RF28-70mmF2LUSM lens and RF85mmF1.2LUSM, both lenses with large apertures can achieve eight levels of anti-shake, which can achieve eight levels of anti-shake only by relying on body anti-shake. Shake compensation. RF50mmF1.2LUSM can also achieve seven-level anti-shake, which is something we are very proud of.”

   Taking pictures is still the top priority, but pixels are not everything.

Canon EOSR5 uses a 45-megapixel full-frame sensor, although it is not the highest in the industry in terms of pixels. As for why Canon did not carry a higher pixel sensor, Ishii Toshiyuki believes that this will be a more comprehensive consideration. In his view, for the camera as a whole, the first is the optical performance, the second is the sensor, and the third is the processor. “It is not difficult to understand that the higher the resolution, it will definitely bring some problems, such as image noise, that is, how to balance the contradiction between resolution and clear image quality, such as sensitivity and exposure. So I I think it’s not just about pixels to get good picture quality,” said Toshiyuki Ishii.

Talk to Canon EOS R5: "Mighty" is inseparable from powerful strength

   Canon Co., Ltd. Vice President Toshiyuki Ishii brought a toothpaste specially, meaning that Canon EOSR5 did not “squeeze the toothpaste”

   During the exchange, we also learned that Canon has now achieved the production of 120 million pixel sensors. And it has been sold to the outside world, but it has not been mounted on the camera, but used as a special photographic field including artificial satellites. “In fact, if you really carry him, it will cause great pain points or inconvenience to customers,” Ishii Toshiyuki explained. “Because the amount of files brought by this sensor is too large, and the weight is too large. But if it is just to attract attention and make the industry more active; but if it is the leader of the industry, Canon will definitely do this. It caused a round of pixel-to-pixel competition.”

  Strong self-confidence: conforming to the industry’s video power

  In fact, the first SLR camera with video functions is Canon . Canon added the video function to EOS5DMarkII in 2008. Since then, video has become Canon’s tradition and pride. Since then, Canon has also launched the CINEMAEOS series. “So in terms of video, we have both a good tradition and strong self-confidence, and we will continue to go forward in the future.” Toshiyuki Ishii said.

  ”The Canon EOSR5 released this time supports up to 12-bit 8KRAW video and 4K120P ultra-high-definition upgrade slow motion, which is to show our confidence to the outside world,” Ishii Toshiyuki continued: “Because now the video has attracted wide attention , A variety of new media continue to appear, while online video has become a trend, we hope to bring a new style to the video industry under this situation.”

   And whether Canon’s new camera should be Equipped with 8K video function, it also attracted continuous internal discussions within Canon. “The final result is to launch 8K video functions.” Ishii Toshiyuki said: “Although it will be subject to some limitations, it is very important to show it. The launch of EOSR5 brings a wider range of creative space to video producers. , You can use the different shooting methods it provides to realize your own creation.” For a wide range of video needs, such as film and television production, in addition to the latest EOSR5, including SLR EOS system and EOSM series of compact and portable micro-single video The performance is very competitive; in the popular products including the popular PowerShotG7XMarkIII and other civilian products, the video functions possessed are very strong.

Talk to Canon EOS R5: "Mighty" is inseparable from powerful strength

   Canon Co., Ltd. Mr. Toshiyuki Ishii, the vice president, took a photo with Canon’s micro-single product line

   Facing the Chinese market at a satisfactory price

   Whether it’s careful planning or product development with a lot of effort, Canon always hopes that this product can be loved by consumers. Finally, Toshiyuki Ishii said: “Not only in China, but also in the world, the reflection of this machine is very good, but I have already said that, I still think this camera is more for Chinese consumers build it, so I will go all out to arrange production so that Chinese consumers can buy it.” In terms of pricing, the guide price of EOSR5 is 25,999 yuan, and EOSR6 is 15,999 yuan. Ishii also said that these are all for China. Consumers are doing their best to face the Chinese market at a satisfactory price!

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