Tamron Announces Compatibility Issues with Nikon D6 Lens

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   Tamron has just released a notice about the compatibility of Tamron lenses with new Nikon D6 cameras:

   Dear Tamron product users and potential buyers. Thank you for your continued support of Tamron products. We would like to announce to you that we have confirmed that certain lenses cannot be used with the Nikon D6 released on the Japanese market on June 5, 2020.

  Affected models:

  Nikon SP 35mm F / 1.4 Di USD

  Nikon 17-35mm F / 2.8-4 Di OSD


  1. When the camera is turned on after turning off the power of the camera and attaching the lens, auto focus does not work.

  2. When the camera wakes up from sleep mode, auto focus does not work.

   We are currently studying the causes of these problems and will notify you of updated information on our website. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may cause you.

Tamron Announces Compatibility Issues with Nikon D6 Lens

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