Tesla expects capital expenditures of $3.5 billion this year to increase to $4.5-6 billion in the next two years

  Original title: Tesla expects capital expenditure this year to be 3.5 billion U.S. dollars in the following two years to increase to 4.5-6 billion U.S. dollars Source: TechWeb.com.cn

  [TechWeb] News on October 27, according to foreign media reports, electric car manufacturer Tesla is currently in rapid development, trying its best to produce and deliver more electric cars, and both production and delivery volume in the third quarter of this year hit a record. After reaching a new high, revenue also hit a new high.

   Tesla, which is rapidly developing, is still advancing plans for more mass production of electric vehicles, and is currently building more super factories to promote production of related models.

   Building more Gigafactories and promoting the production of more models means that Tesla’s capital expenditure will increase as a result, and in local time In a document submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday, Tesla also expects that their capital expenditures this year will reach the expected ceiling, and that they will nearly double this year in the next two years.

   In the document, Tesla stated that based on the announced projects and ongoing facilities, they currently expect capital expenditures this year to reach the expected 2.5 billion US dollars To the upper limit of 3 billion US dollars, in the next two years, the annual capital expenditure is expected to increase to 4.5 billion US dollars and 6 billion US dollars.

   However, Tesla also stated in the document that their capital expenditures are difficult to accurately predict, and the uncertainty of the impact of the epidemic on the global market also brings forecasts Challenge. Therefore, there are still variables in Tesla’s current projected capital expenditures for this year and the next two years.

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