The five most anticipated cameras in the second half of 2020

   The first half of 2020 is destined to be extraordinary. The sudden outbreak of the new crown epidemic disrupted the pace of life for all of us, and the economic situation became uncertain. The market-oriented camera industry was also deeply affected at one time: the exhibition was cancelled, new launches were postponed, and the market stalled. Sunshine is always after the storm. The epidemic situation has gradually improved since the middle of the year. As various places have successively unblocked, the once-depressed market has gradually regained its vitality. At this special node of inheritance and transformation, many manufacturers have announced. Own new product release plan.

The five most anticipated cameras in the second half of 2020

  Canon EOS R5: The most dazzling Canon video flagship machine

  I want to talk about the camera market in the second half of 2020 The heavyweight star, there is nothing more than let us wait for a long time. Canon’s latest generation of micro-single heavyweight flagship EOS R5 for a long time. After three years of research and development, it has been rumored since February this year. It is well known that its high performance in 8K video shooting and the best 4K shooting has attracted great attention and heated discussions in the market.

The five most anticipated cameras in the second half of 2020

  EOS R5 is launched for video professionals, and is equipped with Canon’s latest imaging technology research and development results. It supports up to 29.97fps 8K video recording, which can achieve 4:2:2 10bit Canon Log and 4:2:2 10bit HDR PQ without in-cutter recording, and the 8K recording mode supports full-pixel dual-core autofocus. In terms of 4K video, EOS R5 has become the product with the highest 4K video specifications among current civilian cameras.

The five most anticipated cameras in the second half of 2020

   has such a high video shooting specification, has it attracted the attention of you who love video shooting? It is reported that the new EOS R5 will be released globally in July 2020. At that time, you can follow it simultaneously through station B or YiLive.

  Nikon Z5: The successor to Nikon’s excellent picture quality

   as early as 2019 in Japan At the CP+ exhibition, Nikon executive Ikawa Yuki once revealed to the media that a new Z series model will be launched at some time in the future, positioning the entry machine. According to the latest news we got, this new model is named Z5 and will be released globally on July 21.

The five most anticipated cameras in the second half of 2020

   The market positioning of Nikon Z5 may be lower than that of Z6. It is equipped with 24 million pixel full-frame CMOS, supports body anti-shake, and uses a magnesium alloy body. The Nikon Z5 will use a continuous EVF viewfinder and focus system, a dual UHS-II card slot system and a USB-C interface.

   Nikon’s minicomputers have the universal characteristics of compact size, and so is this Z5. If you are very concerned about the portability of the camera, you can continue to pay attention to this Models.

  A7SIII: the inheritor of Sony’s faith

  For the majority of video shooters, The Sony A7SII can be described as a generation of “magic machine”: up to ISO 409600, the immortal level usable high sense, 5-axis anti-shake technology, etc., provide video producers with extremely reliable video capture and output. However, as a “predecessor model” launched in 2015, the pixel value of up to 12 million is still a bit out of date, and the video recording function of up to 4K is no longer glaring. At the moment when “Xiti” is five-year-old and “advanced”, it is time for Sony to launch a new machine to replace SIII.

The five most anticipated cameras in the second half of 2020

  According to our previous report, the successor of A7SII, A7SIII, will carry 36.4 million effective pixels, support up to 4K HDR 60P video recording, 4:2:2 10bit recording, and a new generation of image processor; It will be the first Sony A7 series micro-single with dual native ISO technology, with a sensitivity range of ISO 50-128000; newly upgraded eye-controlled focusing technology; and a maximum continuous shooting speed of 10 frames per second. The overall performance is even better, which is expected.

  A7M4: excellent picture quality, balanced functions

   as a selling point with balanced performance Sony A7III has now entered its third year. A good sense of height, rich focus monitoring points, and built-in 5-axis anti-shake and 5.5-stop compensation effects have brought this model to a very good market performance and good reputation. But Lian Po is old, just like the A7SII introduced above, the standard version of A7M3 will soon usher in its successor, A7M4.

The five most anticipated cameras in the second half of 2020

  The picture is A7III

   The upcoming A7M4 will be equipped with an improved 24 million pixel full-frame CMOS image Sensor, 693 focal plane phase detection AF points + 425 contrast AF points, 4K/30p, 1080p/120p video shooting, 5-axis anti-shake, can provide 5.5 levels of compensation. In a sense, it is not much different from the A7M3 that has not been discontinued. However, according to relevant foreign media reports, A7M4 may adopt an adjustable low-pass filter design, so that the photographer can choose whether to use a low-pass filter according to the environment.

   Nikon Z9: the mysterious person hidden behind the tulle

   as early as the first half of the year , We heard that Nikon will launch a series of new micro-single models in the middle or the second half of the year. In addition to the Z5 already introduced above, Nikon will also launch a brand new model with a slightly higher positioning. According to the currently known news, the new model may be named Z9.

The five most anticipated cameras in the second half of 2020

  The picture is an imaginary image

The positioning of   Z9 is similar to the flagship model D6 launched in the first half of this year , There are rumors that the pixels may reach 60 million, and at the same time it will continue the excellent workmanship and excellent materials.

  Summary: The camera market in the second half of the year will see rainbows after storms

  Sunshine is always there After the storm, the five new products that will be launched are pinned by the three major brands of Canon, Nikon, and Sony in their vision for the camera market in the second half of the year, and also represent their full confidence in the camera market in 2021. For consumers, these five new products also enrich their choices.

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