The use of foreground in street shooting

  In street shooting, the foreground is one of the common elements. The good use of the foreground can create a three-dimensional effect for the flat image, add depth to the picture, improve the expressiveness of the picture, and play the role of highlighting the main body of the picture and increasing the sense of space and depth of the photo. Next, let us take a look at the use of foreground in street shooting.

  depth guide

picture from Yeshi Kangrangpicture from Yeshi Kangrang

   In street shooting, using the foreground to guide the viewer’s sight is a common foreground application Technique. Utilizing the scenes, lines, or light and shadow in the environment to converge on the main body of the picture, on the one hand, environmental elements can be used to guide the viewer’s attention, and on the other hand, it can add depth to the picture and improve the viewing of the picture. At this point, you can try to use the strong perspective effect of the wide-angle lens to add depth to the picture. For example, the NIKKOR Z 14-30mm f/4 S can easily create a strong perspective effect with its 14mm wide-angle end, while providing clear images from edge to edge.

  Increase contrast

The use of foreground in street shooting

  The picture is from Sylwia Bartyzel

   Of course, you can also try to use the foreground as the picture Increase the contrast, whether it is color contrast or light and dark contrast, can become the foreground element in the picture. Using such scene elements can add a strong sense of contrast to the picture, thereby enhancing the appreciation of the picture and highlighting the main elements of the picture.

   adds fun to the picture

The use of foreground in street shooting

  Picture from Andre Benz

  Interesting picture always Attention, using the foreground to add interest to the picture is also a kind of foreground application skills. The foreground elements can be buildings, trees, animals or vehicles, etc., as long as they are related to the picture and can be harmoniously integrated into the picture without destroying the overall atmosphere of the picture, they can become the foreground and add interest to the picture.

   The correct use of the foreground and the background can make the scene in the photo more harmonious and unified, which is more appealing and can render a unique effect. Next time you shoot on the street, you might as well try the techniques in the article, which may make your shots more distinctive.

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