There are only three points: how to quickly find your photography style

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   What is the most important element for a person to form a personal photography style? The quick answer is “repeat”. What you continue to shoot will define your style, and naturally what you shoot will eventually become your style. Your default settings as a person, such as your self-perception, your perspective on the world, will ultimately determine your photography style.

There are only three points: how to quickly find your photography style

  A person’s photography style used to be determined by only three factors: The film they often use, the cameras and lenses they own, and the subjects they shoot, such as street, portrait, landscape, news, animals, business, fashion, etc. A large number of works in most people’s lives revolve around these three factors.

   Today, we have many choices. With so many choices, new cameras are constantly being introduced and there will always be better performance, it is easy to get lost. So, when we live in a rapidly changing world of photography, how do we maintain the consistency and repetitiveness of our works?

There are only three points: how to quickly find your photography style

   For myself, the first thing I will do The thing is to put all the photographers who inspired me in front of me, and then ask a question: What do I like about their work? For me, it is visually beautiful first, and then I like black and white photos and shooting with only natural light. Therefore, I chose a camera body, the lens I use most often, and the film I like best, and then shoot in the same way.

  After several months of review, I found that the method I chose had a certain consistency, and I began to make further improvements. The only things I still insist on are my themes: landscape, street photography, still life. Once the themes to focus on are determined, I will have a more consistent style and work system.

   Working on one thing is daunting. When we live in a world of endless choices and abundance, we will feel fear and even stupidity by strict requirements. Why give up so many choices? The answer can be summarized in one word: focus. Once you limit the choices, you will have more time and energy to spend on creativity instead of wasting on choices. The less time to make choices in equipment, lighting and post-production, the more time to create and take photos.

   stick to it, and then start to create works with a consistent style, and then repeat it, because repetition is the key. When you enter the repetitive loop, your photographic creativity will follow. Do this, you will discover your photography aesthetics and find your own photography style.

About the Author: AB Watson is a New Zealand photographer in Auckland. The views expressed in this article are only those of the author.

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