Three magic weapons to highlight the subject

   In photography, a striking subject can make a photo lively and interesting. Photos include color, composition, exposure and other elements, and the subject is the top priority of photography. Many photography enthusiasts often encounter a problem when learning photography skills: How can we well highlight the subject in the picture?

   There is a famous saying in photography: photography is subtraction. Generally speaking, it is better to have only one subject in the picture. To highlight the subject in the picture, we generally use the following methods:

   background blur Method

Three magic weapons to highlight the subject

   NIKKOR Z 85mm f/1.8 S

Three magic weapons to highlight the subject

  Nikon official sample

   in When shooting, many people often use the method of blurring the background to achieve the purpose of highlighting the subject. This technique is more common in portrait photography. Let’s take the Nikon Z system as an example. Using the NIKKOR Z 85mm f/1.8 S lens can produce a very strong blur effect, so this lens is often used for portrait shooting. When shooting, set the aperture to f/1.8, which can not only blur the background, but also increase the amount of light. In low-light environments, you can get a higher shutter speed and avoid blur caused by vibration. A lower sensitivity can be used to obtain a purer picture.

   light-dark contrast method

picture from Hongmei Zhaopicture from Hongmei Zhao

   Photography is the art of using light, and the use of light and shadow can also highlight the subject in the picture . In some scenes with relatively large light, we can place the subject in shadow in front of the bright background of the picture, and minimize other elements in the picture to form a minimalist style photo. When shooting with Nikon Z 6 and Z 7 cameras, you can use Nikon’s highlight spot metering function, so that the camera will meter the highlights in the screen, reducing the photographer’s manual adjustment of exposure.

   composition method

Three magic weapons to highlight the subject

  Picture from Nathan Dumlao

   There is a simple way, that It is to use composition to highlight the subject, such as placing the subject in the center of the picture, so that the viewer can lock the subject firmly in the first time, increasing the attractiveness of the picture. However, the central composition method has a major disadvantage, which is that it is too rigid. At this time, some elements can be added to the picture to set off the position of the subject, such as using the frame structure to highlight the subject in the picture, or using the guide line composition method to catch the viewer’s attention Attract to the subject in the picture.

  Photography is an art, there is no mathematical formula. Photography is indefinite. Only by continuous practice can I improve my shooting skills.

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