Three tips for food shooting

  Food shooting has always been a common subject in life, but it takes us to master some skills in order to shoot food in a mouth-watering atmosphere. Let us share three tips for shooting food, and hope to shoot in the future. Can help you create your ideal work.

Three tips for food shootingPicture from Jay Wennington

  Light plays a pivotal role in photography, as does food. Using good light can make the picture more attractive and improve the overall expressiveness. Backlighting is a relatively common way to use light in food photography. Backlighting can enhance the main body of the food in the picture and portray the luster and transparency of the food. But you need to pay attention when using backlighting to shoot, try to use softer light, so that you can better express the unique texture of the food and make the picture more transparent.

Three tips for food shooting

  Picture from Brooke Lark

   In addition to light, there is another technique that is often overlooked, which is the choice of food containers. Choosing suitable utensils and props can not only increase the meaning of the photo, but also make the picture more real and natural. Choose and match according to the texture and color of the subject. But you should also pay attention when choosing utensils. Too fancy utensils will distract the visual focus of the picture and reduce the appearance of the picture. So try to choose utensils with simple lines. At the same time, choose utensils with different depths according to the volume and shape of the food. Try not to choose Too deep utensils will make the use of light more difficult and affect the effect of shooting.

Three tips for food shooting

  The picture is from Neha Deshmukh

  After the ideal choice of light and the utensils for holding food, it is necessary to make some shooting methods for different types of food. Adjustment. When facing food that needs to be placed in a larger container, if all the food in the container is placed on the screen, the screen will appear too messy. At this time, you can try to take only a part of the food to make the line of sight more concentrated and prominent. Picture focus.

Three tips for food shooting

  AF-S DX Macro NIKKOR 40mm f/2.8G

   Generally speaking, a macro lens is used to shoot food, AF -S DX Macro NIKKOR 40mm f/2.8G is a macro lens suitable for DX format SLR cameras, with a focal length of 40mm and a maximum aperture of f/2.8. This lens provides a maximum reproduction ratio of approximately 1:1 that only a macro lens has and a beautiful blur effect. It can be used for close-up photography, and the focal length is only about 0.163m. Equipped with a quiet wave motor for quiet autofocus. Help you quickly and easily photograph food.

   Generally speaking, the shooting of food is not difficult, as long as you master the corresponding skills, you can easily deal with it. But if you want to shoot your own unique style, you need to practice constantly, find your own style in the shooting, and combine these shooting skills, you may be able to shoot the ideal work.

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