Tips for shooting fruit

   Fruit shooting can be said to be a “traditional” project in still life shooting. It is more common to use fruits as the subject of still life shooting. However, there are many types of fruits and different materials. If you want to express the characteristics of fruits well, it is necessary for photographers who are new to still life photography to master the corresponding skills. Let’s take a look at the related techniques that can help us improve the shooting effect of still life.

Tips for shooting fruitImage from Brooke Lark

   First, change the habit of viewing perspective. Normally, when shooting still life, the frontal flat shot is used more often. But in fact, the shooting lens of still life can be more flexible, especially when shooting fruits. Fruits with round or oval shapes are not rare. When shooting, these fruits are usually cut from the middle to show the details of the inside of the fruit. Good results can be obtained by using the overhead shot from top to bottom. However, the flexible adjustment of the angle is not random. Before shooting, you have to think about the state of the fruit you want to show, and then adjust it accordingly, which can make the shooting process more smooth.

Tips for shooting fruit

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  Secondly, use the companion to create the overall atmosphere. In addition to showing the details of the fruit, you can also use the background or other elements as a part of the picture to add a romantic or artistic atmosphere to the picture. When shooting, you can try to use the natural light coming into the room by the window or arrange an effect close to natural light to make the picture more natural. At the same time, some ornaments with strong texture and detail are used to embellish the picture. But it should be noted that when adding decorations to the screen, try to pay attention to the relationship between the light and shade, virtual reality, and distance between the fruit and the decorations, and try not to make the decorations too prominent in the screen, so as to avoid the overwhelming negative effect and affect the overall effect of the screen.

Tips for shooting fruit

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   In addition, you can broaden your thinking when shooting fruits, and you don’t have to limit your thinking to the fruit itself. You can use your own creativity to make your work unique charm. Utilize the unique shapes and colors of the fruits to match their creativity to create a unique effect on the picture.

Tips for shooting fruit

Choosing the right lens can make shooting easier. Nikon’s AF-S Macro NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8G ED is a good choice. When this macro lens is used for macro photography, the reproduction ratio can be as high as 1:1 under continuous operation, and it also provides good image quality. The internal focus design makes the auto focus more rapid and smooth. Two aspherical lenses can effectively correct aberrations. Nano crystal coating can eliminate internal reflections, thereby significantly reducing ghosting and glare. Low-dispersion lenses can more effectively reduce chromatic aberration, and produce higher resolution and high-contrast images. All these features ensure that the AF-S Macro NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8G ED can obtain accurate image restoration capabilities.

The still life photography of    fruit is one of the themes of still life photography. In addition to basic technical application, it also needs little creativity to shoot unique still life works.

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