Top-end large-aperture zoom and new Canon may develop RF16-28 f/2 lens

   According to foreign media sources, Canon is currently working hard to develop a new ultra-large aperture zoom lens, the lens model will be RF16-28mmf/2LUSM. From the point of view of specifications, this lens is an ultra-wide-angle zoom lens. It will form the F2.0 large-aperture zoom series product line with the Canon RF28-70mmf/2LUSM lens that has been launched, realizing a full range of F2.0 from 16mm to 70mm Aperture used.

The picture shows Canon RF28-70mmf/2LUSM lensThe picture shows Canon RF28-70mmf/2LUSM lens

   At present, all RF lenses with F2.0 aperture are not equipped with anti-shake system. I hope that future EOSR series bodies will be equipped with body anti-shake to make up for their shortcomings. Judging from the previously exposed anti-shake patent applications, the EOSR series body with anti-shake is not far away from us.

   Since this year, Canon has announced that it has begun to develop a variety of new RF series lens products. In the near future, Canon’s RF15-35mmf/2.8LIS, RF24-70mmf/2.8LIS and RF70-200mmf/2.8LIS will be available soon, and the RF series F2.8 “big three yuan” will be “complete.”

  Editor’s point of view:

   The huge body of the previous RF28-70mmf/2LUSM lens and the large-aperture zoom design are enough to make people stunned, and it is also on the full-frame mirrorless product. It is the first to show Canon’s powerful lens development capabilities. The rumored RF16-28mmf/2LUSM lens has opened up a new direction for full-frame large-aperture zoom. It is necessary to know that it is more difficult to design a large aperture at the ultra-wide-angle end than a medium-telephoto lens, and it also needs to achieve zooming capabilities. Therefore, the price of this lens is expected to be considerable. I wonder if Canon will launch the f/2.0 series telephoto lens in the future to form the f/2.0 series of large ternary products?

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