We have summarized the following 10 practical photography ideas

   There are more and more people with cameras, and taking pictures of po pictures has long become popular nowadays. But for many people, what to shoot, how to shoot, and where to shoot are always distressing questions. Here, we have summarized the following 10 practical photography ideas, which are not only suitable for photographers, but also for all photographers.

We have summarized the following 10 practical photography ideas

  No.1: The content is not equal to the subject

   Let’s start with this most difficult topic. The content captured by the camera is not the same as the subject in front of you. We often see some interesting things, point the camera at them at will, and then press the shutter. People usually say: “I took a photo with a good subject, so it must be a good photo.” But a photo is not just a subject, it needs to be determined by multiple factors such as composition and exposure. In a sense, the position of each element in the photo should be selected subjectively.

We have summarized the following 10 practical photography ideas

  No.2: Refuse to “pull the general from the short man”


   In a scene, if allowed, don’t just take one photo, but try to change the angle to take some photos, or get closer. . . . . . Our goal is to make the final presentation better. This is not to let you shoot at will, and find relatively good works from a large number of random photos in the way of “pull generals from short ones”. Instead, I hope that you can gradually better interpret your subject after careful consideration, so that every picture from different angles becomes an excellent work.

We have summarized the following 10 practical photography ideas

  No. 3: Shooting things that really appeal to you

   When you see something interesting you want to shoot, think about what you are particularly interested in it, and can it be expressed by photography? Is it the color? symmetry? ugly? nice? Or the majesty of the building? How cute is a kitten? The speed of the car? . . . . . . Try to emphasize these interesting points through your perspective, your shutter speed, your lens selection, your distance from the subject, and even everything you can do for your shooting.

We have summarized the following 10 practical photography ideas

  No.4: horizontal or vertical

   For most cameras, the horizontal composition is the default picture format, while for mobile phones, most of the vertical composition is the default. In popular terms, it is recommended to use vertical composition when shooting portraits and horizontal composition when shooting landscapes, but this is not the case in all cases. It is better to shoot both horizontal and vertical compositions in the same scene, or a square composition, or even a wide format. Carefully analyze the scene you are in and choose a more flexible composition picture.

  No.5: Discover more ways to play with composition

   “Three-quarters” composition method is indeed a very easy way to shine, but it is not a rule of iron. At the same time, there are multiple methods such as symmetrical composition, radial composition, large amount of blank composition, guide line composition, frame composition, color contrast composition, etc., and they can be used in the same photo ingeniously.

We have summarized the following 10 practical photography ideas

  No.6: Light and shadow can be seen everywhere

  Light and shadow are fundamental in photography. If the light conditions are not suitable for the picture of this scene, don’t rush to shoot, let alone shoot for the sake of shooting. The result is that not only the picture does not achieve the expected effect, but also your creative desire. If you need auxiliary light, please don’t hesitate to use light to make the photo more exciting.

   It is often asked how the light and shadow effects of a photo are processed in post-processing. In fact, 90% of the light and shadow of the photo come from the state of the shooting itself, and even the latter cannot be changed. Therefore, light is the most important factor in the shooting stage.

  No.7: Background is also very important

   In portrait works, don’t just focus on the model, even the beautiful model, no matter how delicate the light is, if The background is messy, so this photo is also a failure.

   And the choice of background is also divided into many situations, such as whether it is necessary to leave a blank space around the character, especially the head to the top of the screen, such a space can also be called “dead space”, which refers to those The blank part of the screen minus points. Therefore, in the choice of background, we must consider whether it is related to the theme and whether it can add points to the screen. Generally speaking, the simpler and purer the background of the picture, the more suitable it is to express the subject. You can create a background atmosphere by blurring or looking for a pure space.

We have summarized the following 10 practical photography ideas

  No.8: Solid basic skills

  In photography, the most basic and necessary knowledge points are the “four elements of photography”: aperture, shutter, sensitivity, and focal length. Although in many cases, you can leave it to the camera to automatically do this for you, although this is not a bad thing, but you can’t fully control your camera and picture. And in some cases it will hinder your creation. For example, a high-key or low-key style requires manual control of the camera’s exposure, or a long exposure to obtain some special visual effects.

We have summarized the following 10 practical photography ideas

  No.9: Practice makes perfect

  No Only focus on the skills of photography creation, and more importantly, pick up the camera to get in touch with this camera. Just like training a piano, it can form a certain muscle memory on the fingers and can play without looking at the keyboard. But the purpose of training is not to use the keyboard, but to play music.

   Similarly, when using the camera, the camera can also be operated under blind operation, such as familiarity with the functions of commonly used buttons and quick adjustment of commonly used modes. This reminds me of a saying in the photography circle: Camera manual is the best photography book. Under the premise of familiarity with camera operation and camera performance, it will be more handy in the face of snapshots or changing light conditions.

We have summarized the following 10 practical photography ideas

  No.10: Find the shortcomings in your most satisfied photos

   When you put a lot of energy into a picture or a series of works and get the results that satisfy you, you may wish to show your work to other friends who also play photography, or post to Share with everyone in forums or social media. When your work is appreciated by others, you can give you confidence and encouragement for the next shooting; if you get more suggestions or opinions, you might as well reflect on your own problems. Maybe you need more effort.

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