Welcome to the new lens, Canon may release 5 EF-M lenses this year

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   For Canon, this year is obviously a year of “magnification”. In addition to the debut of EOSR5, Canon has also brought a number of new RF mounts. Lens. Canon also said that it will not abandon the EF-M mount, which is also a mirrorless lens. Recently, foreign media have revealed that Canon will release 5 EF-M lenses this year.

Welcome to the new lens, Canon may release 5 EF-M lenses this year

   The five Canon EF-M lenses that will be unveiled are as follows




  EF-M18-45mmf/ 2.8-4ISSTM


  The introduction of the new lens enables the Canon EOSM system to meet more needs and is more convenient to use. In addition, foreign media had earlier rumored that Canon would also launch several EOSM new bodies this year.

  Editor’s point of view

   Obviously the first two lenses with f/2 aperture have taken into account the size factor, at least the logo value EOSM has two more fixed focus available on the body Large-aperture lenses, and the introduction of macro lenses and telephoto zoom lenses expand the possibilities of shooting. The 18-45mm lens may be the main image quality product. In short, let us look forward to Canon’s new products together.

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