What are the new camera products worth looking forward to in 2020?

   In 2020, with the arrival of the Olympic Games, the camera industry is about to usher in a new peak of new products. This year’s protagonist must be the mirrorless camera, but there will still be many heavyweight new products released for traditional SLR cameras. Today we will take stock of what new products are worth looking forward to in 2020.

  1. New products already released

   In early 2020, many new products have been released, including Nikon D780 full-frame SLR camera, Canon 1D X Mark III, Fuji X-T200. These already released cameras will not be explained here too much.

What are the new camera products worth looking forward to in 2020?

   The number of new cameras officially released in 2019 is 40 Taiwan, it is expected that the number of new cameras in 2020 will not be less than 40, and the number of full-frame cameras will exceed 10. New products will focus on two aspects, one is the upgrading of conventional products; the other is a new product line, such as a new generation of video models, lightweight full-frame cameras, etc.

  Second, the product that will be released: Nikon D6

   The new product that can be 100% confirmed now is the Nikon D6 coming in February, which will be a comprehensive update Flagship SLR camera. The direct competitors of Nikon D6 are Canon 1D X Mark III and Sony A9 II, so the performance of D6 can be referenced by Canon 1D X III. There are several aspects to the core upgrade of 1D X III this time: 191-point new focusing system, viewfinder viewfinder 16fps and real-time view 20fps high-speed continuous shooting, continuous shooting life exceeds 1000, you can shoot 10bit HEIF photos, and video can shoot 5.5K 12bit RAW format.

What are the new camera products worth looking forward to in 2020?

   Because of this, how does the Nikon D6 accept us? Looking forward to it. According to the current information, the Nikon D6 will likely continue the D5’s 153-point focusing system in focusing, and the video will use 4K 60P video shooting, the continuous shooting speed is 14fps under the viewfinder, but the continuous shooting life is expected to be like 1D The X Mark III is on par, and whether the D6 will be equipped with body anti-shake is a big issue. For the flagship camera, the comparison parameters are meaningless. Each company will use its own housekeeping skills. How Nikon will accept the trick will be known in half a month.

  3. High-resolution vs. Canon vs. Nikon

   In the first half of this year, espionage shows that there will be two full-frame micro-single releases. The most concerned one is the rumored 8360. Megapixel high-resolution micro-single. The origin of the Nikon Z8 news and even the Chinese version of the page have been exposed. It is expected that this camera will use a 61-megapixel full-frame sensor. The biggest highlight is the internal output of 16bit RAW files.

What are the new camera products worth looking forward to in 2020?

   The reason why everyone guessed that Canon camera has 83.6 million pixels , Because the new Canon APS-C frame micro-single pixel is 32.5 million, which is about 83.6 million when converted to the full frame by the Canon sensor size. This calculation method is used because when the Canon 5DS/5DSR was released in 2015, 50.6 million pixels and 20.2 million pixels of 70D are exactly the same size relationship.

   Assuming Canon really releases this camera, it will definitely be a huge impact on the camera industry. We must know that the current high-pixel camera is the biggest opponent facing medium format. The 50 million pixel medium format has a huge advantage in image quality compared to 61 million pixel full frame. But if the pixels of a 135-frame camera can be increased to 80 million pixels, it will be more advantageous to face the medium format in an artificial lighting environment or a low-sensitivity shooting environment.

What are the new camera products worth looking forward to in 2020?

   As for Nikon, the performance of Nikon Z8 can be based on Sony A7R4 speculates that the sensor of the Nikon camera is also expected to be 61 million pixels. Nikon vs. Sony. Nikon’s advantage lies in the advantages of the body algorithm. The same sensor Nikon can often play a greater advantage. However, more information about the Nikon Z8 is not yet known, and when it will be released, we can only wait for this camera.

   3. The watershed of the micro-single: Will a full-frame micro-single of 7000 yuan be released?

   2018 is an extremely important year for mirrorless cameras, because full-frame mirrorless cameras have appeared in 2018, and Sony + Leica is no longer the only full-frame mirrorless camera. In 2020, mirrorless cameras, especially full-frame mirrorless cameras, will face a test. Is it necessary to launch a cheaper and more accessible full-frame series?

   If you put it 10 years ago, the camera brand would definitely sneer at the idea of ​​launching a “full-frame close to the people”. But with the development of photography, especially the development of mobile photography, whether to reduce the price of full frame is definitely a challenge facing camera brands. SLR cameras are subject to the cost of mechanical structure, it is very difficult to be very cheap, even if the D780 is listed at only 14,800 yuan, it will still be too high. In contrast, mirrorless cameras due to more advanced design, It seems easy to achieve low prices.

What are the new camera products worth looking forward to in 2020?

   Canon released EOS RP in 2019, the listing price is 8999 Now the price is less than 7,000 yuan. With its low price advantage, it finally grabs a lot of market share from Sony; the market price of Nikon Z6 is 17,000 yuan, and the domestic price of the body dropped below 11,000 yuan in early 2019. The best-selling full-frame micro-order in China in the first half of the year; Sony A7 II has been released for more than 5 years, and now with a price of 7,000 yuan, it still ranks in the forefront of the sales list. The low price trend of mirrorless cameras, especially the price of full-frame mirrorless cameras entering the price range of 7,000 yuan, seems to be an unstoppable trend.

  According to the news, Canon may release a full-frame micro-order that is more basic than the EOS RP this year, but the author is skeptical about this news. In terms of performance, EOS RP is already a full-frame goalkeeper. If the price is lowered, maybe it is to switch to a lower pixel sensor to reduce costs? Or cancel the viewfinder? But now that we have such news, it is worth looking forward to whether there will be a cheaper full-frame mirrorless camera in 2020.

  Four. New product with high probability of release: Canon 5D5

   Canon 5D4 was released in August 2016. According to the very stable update cycle of the 5D series, in 2020, 5D should be updated again. time. The specific update date should be this fall.

  5D5 should still follow the balanced route, but the pixels will inevitably be improved, which may be 34 million or 36 million. 5D5 may adopt the 1D X Mark III focusing system, and the continuous shooting speed is expected to increase to 10fps.

What are the new camera products worth looking forward to in 2020?

   In addition to Canon 5D5, Nikon D880 also has spy Outgoing. But the author thinks that D880 is unlikely to be updated this year. If there is an update, maybe consider adding body anti-shake and improving video shooting performance.

  5. New machine in the video field

   Sony A7S III has been rumored for a long time. Every time it is a rumor of “coming soon”, but every time it has not been released. The author believes that Sony currently does not plan to compete with Panasonic in terms of picture quality, mainly to avoid affecting the sales of its own FS series cameras. In the video field, Sony’s main advantage now lies in autofocus performance.

What are the new camera products worth looking forward to in 2020?

  On video quality, the highest level in the camera industry currently It is Panasonic. The core advantage of Panasonic Video lies in high image quality. In terms of image quality, Panasonic cameras have a large lead. In 2017, Panasonic put forward the slogan “2020, 8K”, and it has been emphasized many times in previous conferences. But now, 8K should not be a civilian product, but a new product in the field of broadcast cameras. But it is not ruled out that Panasonic will launch a civilian camera with 8K video shooting capabilities. In 2020, GH6 will usher in an update. Perhaps GH6 will bring a major breakthrough? We will wait and see.

  6. Other models

   In addition to some of the products just mentioned, there are still many camera models waiting to be updated in 2020. Here I will list some cameras that may be released in 2020. product.

  Canon: 800D, 77D, 1500D, M50

  Nikon: D3500, D5600, D7500

  Sony: A6400, A7M4

   Fuji :X-E4, X-T4

  Panasonic: G95

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