Who can “steadily” shoot video? Hengping six mobile phone stabilizers

   Today, with the gradual development of mobile imaging technology, people increasingly like to use mobile phones to record their lives, especially the explosion of short videos that cater to the social characteristics of the current mobile era. With a large number of Vlogers active on the Internet, mobile phone handheld stabilizers have gradually been accepted by more ordinary consumers.

   The anti-shake technology for video phones is also constantly improving. OIS and EIS dual anti-shake phones will become the future development trend. At present, however, because the lens optics and electronic image stabilization effects have not reached the real “stabilization” level in the video experience, more users need to use the mechanical stabilization of the stabilizer to meet the needs of mobile shooting.

   This time, we have found six popular handheld gimbals in the current e-commerce platform for comparative testing to see which handheld stabilizer at the same price is more worth buying.

Who can "steadily" shoot video? Hengping six mobile phone stabilizers

   six mobile phones Handheld stabilizer horizontal evaluation

Who can "steadily" shoot video? Hengping six mobile phone stabilizers

  Look at the market price first, six mobile phones The price of gimbal is between 500 yuan and 900 yuan. Since we did not get the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 in the first time, we chose the previous generation DJI Osmo Mobile 2 for evaluation. On the whole, compared with a year ago, the number of stabilizer brands on the market has increased significantly, and the price threshold has begun to fall, which also gives users who like to shoot videos more choices. Hundred-yuan handheld stabilizers have formed a multi-brand competition, and 600-900 yuan has become the main range of brand competition.

01 Appearance: Folding and straight grip have their own advantages

  The principle of the handheld stabilizer is to filter out most of the vibration through the three-axis gyroscope and the three-axis acceleration sensor to maintain the lens to the ground The relative position does not move. Due to different structures, it is divided into single-axis, dual-axis, and three-axis. At present, the mature technology of three-axis stabilizer has become standard.

  The appearance of the mobile phone stabilizer is actually divided into three parts, the upper part is the mechanical stabilization arm that clamps the mobile phone, the middle is the handle and the lower part is the support base. The mobile phone handheld stabilizer we reviewed this time is different from the SLR stabilizer in terms of size, specifications and load-bearing weight. The overall structure design and installation method are relatively simpler.

Who can "steadily" shoot video? Hengping six mobile phone stabilizers

   handheld stabilizer It can be divided into three parts: stabilization arm, handle, and stabilization base

   The appearance of six hand-held stabilizers is basically divided into two types: SNOPPA Atom and Benro The appearance of the P1 is the same, and both adopt a relatively novel foldable middle-clamp design. There is a PUSH button at the fold, which can be retracted after pressing. In order to play a fixed role, the folding arm can be locked on the body when it is stowed.

Who can "steadily" shoot video? Hengping six mobile phone stabilizers

   folded The handheld stabilizer is good for carrying and storing.

The advantage of the    folding design is that it solves the storage problem and improves the portability of travel operations. The length of the non-folding stabilizer affects its portability, and girls’ small-style satchels are basically unable to fit. The four stabilizers in Hengping are all designed with bottom support, so they cannot be folded and retracted.

Who can "steadily" shoot video? Hengping six mobile phone stabilizers

  Support 1/ 4-inch tripod fixing screw hole base bracket

   Random accessories 1/4-inch tripod fixing screw holes are reserved at the bottom of the six stabilizers, Zhiyun Smooth4, Feiyu Vimble2, Magic Claw Mini-MI also provide additional Mini tripod, while DJI OSMO Mobile 2 uses a fixed base, which is slightly inconvenient to carry, and accessories need to be purchased separately. Benro P1 and SNOPPA Atom do not come with a mini tripod.

02Comparison of comprehensive parameters and operation methods

In terms of material, since going out, you must ensure good support, portability and mechanical stability of the PTZ motor, material selection and firmness Harmony is also particularly important. Metal material is undoubtedly a good choice, but metal weight and portability cannot be well balanced.

Who can "steadily" shoot video? Hengping six mobile phone stabilizers

   six handheld Comparison of the hardware parameter specification table of the stabilizer

   Therefore, it can be seen that high-strength composite materials gradually replace the “bulky” metal materials and become the mainstream materials for handheld stabilizers. Basically, the main body of the upper part of the stabilizer is made of metal material, and the handle part is made of a new composite material, so that both can be considered. Comprehensive feel and workmanship, Zhiyun Smooth 4 has excellent texture and grip, while Feiyu Vimble 2 is lighter.

Who can "steadily" shoot video? Hengping six mobile phone stabilizers

   six handheld The measured weight of the stabilizer is the lightest Feiyu Vimble2

After the bare metal weight comparison, the bare metal weight of Feiyu Vimble2 is 431 grams, while the weight of Zhiyun Smooth 4 is 560 grams, a difference of more than 100 grams. Obviously, Zhiyun Smooth 4 is more pressing. The weight of the Magic Claw Mini-MI is more than 500 grams, and the other four stabilizers are controlled within 500 grams. Although one-handed shooting for 10 minutes is basically not too much effort, but in terms of portability, Feiyu Vimble2, Benro P1 and SNOPPA Atom have more advantages in terms of body weight and structural design.

Who can "steadily" shoot video? Hengping six mobile phone stabilizers

   carrying capacity 200 -280g can support

   bearing weight comparison, we take the 208g iPhone XS Max as an example, the calibration range of six handheld stabilizers can be supported. If you add a mobile phone case or add an external microphone, the load can reach about 300 grams.

   From the official data reference, the official data of Benro P1 and SNOPPA Atom are higher than the other several parameters. In addition, there is also a detailed comparison of the limit ability of the phone holder. The six stabilizers maintain a 61-92mm stroke width. For the 77.4mm iPhone XS MAX, the width can be covered. Of course, some giant screen Note version “heterogeneous” mobile phones, the stroke It may not be supported if it exceeds 90mm.

  ●Is it fast enough to adjust the balance and switch horizontally and vertically with one key?

  Because of the differences in the size of each mobile phone, the center of gravity needs to be leveled when placed on the stabilizer. This operation is not easy for the first use. Among them, Benro P1 and SNOPPA Atom do not need to be leveled, which reduces the difficulty for users to get started and is worthy of praise.

   Supporting fast switching between horizontal and vertical screens has become a selling point of many mobile phone stabilizers, but among the six stabilizers in this Hengping review, only Benro P1 and SNOPPA Atom support one-key fast switching.

Who can "steadily" shoot video? Hengping six mobile phone stabilizers

   stabilizer adjustment Balance

Who can "steadily" shoot video? Hengping six mobile phone stabilizers

   manual adjustment Switching horizontally and vertically will delay time

Who can "steadily" shoot video? Hengping six mobile phone stabilizers

   One-key horizontal and vertical switching function

   The other four stabilizers all need to be switched manually. Although manual operation is more reliable from the perspective of stability, it is not possible to quickly switch between horizontal and vertical when shooting videos. May delay time and miss wonderful moments.

03 characteristic selling points and handle button function

  Characteristic function: Solving the pain points of shooting scenes

   Among the basic functions, the six stabilizers mainly provide stability functions. More operations can only be reflected after connecting to the APP. Two stabilizers with special skills are worth mentioning, namely Zhiyun Smooth 4 and Feiyu Vimble 2.

   First of all, Zhiyun Smooth 4 provides a “mad dog mode”. When you press the up button on the handle trigger, you can quickly move the stabilizer to capture the picture without worrying about lens loss.

Who can "steadily" shoot video? Hengping six mobile phone stabilizers

  Features: Zhiyun Smooth 4 “Mad Dog Mode”

Who can "steadily" shoot video? Hengping six mobile phone stabilizers

  Features: Feiyu Vimble2 provides an 18cm extension rod

   The other is Feiyu Vimble2 provides an extension rod, which is usually used for selfies. Like the rod, an 18cm extension rod is added to the body. Self-portrait is more free, and the viewfinder is wider, which is more suitable for the “outstanding” attitude among crowds.

  ●One-handed function key area: One-key function is particularly important

   Since the mobile phone stabilizer needs to be combined on the body for handheld use, so while holding it with one hand, To tap the screen is obviously unable to meet the requirements of the use of shortcut operations. In order to allow the camera stabilizer to incorporate more one-button shortcut functions, and to make it easier to move the camera stabilizer horizontally and vertically at an even speed, it is particularly important to add some function keys that can be touched by one hand on the handle.

Who can "steadily" shoot video? Hengping six mobile phone stabilizersWho can "steadily" shoot video? Hengping six mobile phone stabilizers

   Zhiyun Smooth 4 DJI OSMO Mobile 2

Who can "steadily" shoot video? Hengping six mobile phone stabilizersWho can "steadily" shoot video? Hengping six mobile phone stabilizers

   Feiyu Vimble2 and SNOPPA Atom

Who can "steadily" shoot video? Hengping six mobile phone stabilizersWho can "steadily" shoot video? Hengping six mobile phone stabilizers

   Benro P1 and Magic Claw Mini-MI

   In the fuselage function keys, the functions “learn from each other”, but the design has its own characteristics, and it is also optimized according to the stabilizer APP and the convenience of one-handed operation. For ordinary consumers, the functions do not need to be too cumbersome. Commonly used function keys can be concentrated on a single hand. Only functions that are frequently operated and completed by one button can be used easily.

   After comparing the six stabilizers, except that the Magic Claw Mini-MI and DJI did not use the designed trigger button, the rest of the pan/tilt all adopted the mode of trigger + joystick + function button. It should be pointed out that Zhiyun did not design a joystick, but adopted an original dual trigger switch to follow mode and a shortcut key combination method.

Who can "steadily" shoot video? Hengping six mobile phone stabilizers

  智云Smooth 4 handle function button map

   From the perspective of ease of operation, Zhiyun Smooth 4 handle function is relatively more professional, achievable shooting functions are placed on the handle as much as possible, but it needs to download APP to achieve. For users who are just getting started, there are some barriers to getting started. Although Feiyu Vimble2 also uses the dial method, the number of buttons and the complexity of one hand are greatly simplified, and the operation logic of the other 4 handles is not much different. In terms of functionality, Zhiyun Smooth 4 handles are more abundant, while Feiyu Vimble 2 is easier to use in terms of ease of use.

Who can "steadily" shoot video? Hengping six mobile phone stabilizers

   Finally, let’s talk about random accessories. Among the random accessories, stability is more important The base of the device. In addition to handheld use, the handheld stabilizer can be used as a fixed camera position when the mobile phone is clamped on the gimbal when shooting night scenes, panoramas and time-lapse photography. Among the six types of stabilizers, Zhiyun, Moclaw, and Feiyu are equipped with bases, while the exclusive base for DJI Osmo Mobile 2 needs to be purchased separately. Benro and SNOPPA Atom do not have bases.

  ●Comparison of stabilization performance

   What is the difference between the stabilization effects of the six mobile phone stabilizers? We also conducted actual comparisons. First, the smartphone selected a model that supports electronic image stabilization, but does not support optical image stabilization. At the same time, the same test scene was selected, and then the six stabilizers were tested in walking mode and running mode.

   In the trotting mode, the stability is different. From the observation of the ups and downs of the railing on the small bridge during sports shooting, Zhiyun Smooth4, Feiyu Vimble2, and DJI OSMO Mobile 2 have better stability performance Okay, the image jitter amplitude is relatively close. However, when the Magic Claw Mini-MI, Benro P1 and SNOPPA Atom are shooting in a trot, the recording screen jitter is relatively obvious.

04APP ease of use comparison

   In addition to the basic stabilization functions of the mobile phone, the handle button function on the mobile phone stabilizer needs to be activated with the APP. The six mobile phone stabilizers are well done in APP, and the Bluetooth connection is not complicated. Adapted software provides two versions of iOS and Android for users to choose, but the interface and functions of different operating systems are slightly different. This time we mainly focus on the iOS version.

   The six iOS versions of the software are Feiyu ON, MOZA Genie, ZY Play, Suipai and Benro Gimbal.

Who can "steadily" shoot video? Hengping six mobile phone stabilizers

   After opening the six apps, make a comparison, the software interface design and function The overall performance of DJI GO is even better in terms of layout, connection method, and operational fluency. Apart from basic shooting functions, DJI’s intelligent follow-up performance thanks to its image recognition technology is also the best. In addition, it also provides a variety of different modes and play methods, lock mode, panoramic shooting, smart follow, time-lapse photography, static time-lapse, slow motion and other functions.

Who can "steadily" shoot video? Hengping six mobile phone stabilizersWho can "steadily" shoot video? Hengping six mobile phone stabilizers

  Comparison of integrated handle buttons and APP operation methods, DJI and Zhiyun software have richer design and functions, and also provide a good simple post-editing template tool To help users complete fast video sharing. Several other apps are relatively simple, with basic shooting functions, but insufficient gameplay.


   For most mobile phone products on the market that do not support optical image stabilization, in order to achieve a stable shooting effect, it is still very useful to buy a mobile phone stabilizer for several hundred yuan necessary. In the comparison test of the six mobile phone stabilizers, they can all assist the mobile phone to increase the stability, especially in common scenes such as walking shooting, the role of the stabilizer is still obvious. Among them, Zhiyun Smooth4, Feiyu Vimble2, and DJI OSMO Mobile 2 have excellent stabilization effects.

   The overall design and positioning of the six mobile phone stabilizers are different. The pursuit of simplicity, ease of use, and sufficient portability are very suitable for Benro P1 and SNOPPA Atom. But if you want to have rich functions and a shooting mode closer to professional standards, Zhiyun Smooth4 is undoubtedly the best choice for advanced users. Feiyu Vimble2’s Selfie extension function and lightweight body are more practical in many situations.

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