You can buy a full-frame camera for less than 5,000 yuan, not worth it

   Now most users who buy cameras still prefer to do it in one step. For civilian use, it is actually sufficient to buy a full-frame format. Medium format shooting is more difficult and more expensive. So, is the current full-frame camera worth it? Let’s discuss it together today. Let me talk about what everyone is interested in. During the 618 period, the lowest price for purchasing a full-frame camera has fallen below the 5,000 yuan mark.

You can buy a full-frame camera for less than 5,000 yuan, not worth it

  01What is full frame?

   Before we start introducing full-frame cameras, let’s introduce what a full-frame camera is. The full frame value is the size of the camera’s sensor, if it is the film camera era, it refers to the size of the film negative. In the digital age, until now, the sensors of civilian cameras are almost a single CMOS, and CCD sensors are only used in a few specialized imaging fields.

   Then how big is the full-frame sensor? Let’s take a look at it intuitively:

You can buy a full-frame camera for less than 5,000 yuan, not worth it

   As you can see, the orange part in the picture is the size of the full-frame sensor. Looking directly at this size, everyone still has no concept. You can refer to the yellow and gray areas in the picture. These two size sensors are widely used in current mobile phones, and they are mainstream and high-end mobile phones. I believe everyone here can fully understand the huge difference in sensor size between a full-frame camera and a mobile phone.

What are the advantages of   02 full frame sensor?

   In addition to the large sensor size, a full-frame camera has many advantages. As the saying goes, when the bottom is big, the image quality and resolution will be improved.

You can buy a full-frame camera for less than 5,000 yuan, not worth it

Let me talk about the resolution first. The current maximum pixel of the full-frame sensor is 61 million, and the product is Sony A7RIV. The remaining products are mainly divided into three levels, 24 million level, 30 million level and above 40 million level. The 24 million pixel level full-frame camera is more outstanding in terms of high-sensitivity noise and video. The main features of full-frame cameras above 40 million are high resolution and high image quality. Of course, the corresponding prices are generally higher.

You can buy a full-frame camera for less than 5,000 yuan, not worth it

Resolution, that is, high pixels, is also a double-edged sword. The advantage is that you can record more details. This has many advantages, such as zooming in and viewing, printing, etc., which are very practical. The disadvantage is that the performance requirements of later equipment are higher, and the capacity requirements of memory cards and hard disks are greater.

   comes again with image quality, which is also the core advantage of a full-frame camera. The picture quality is expressed in several aspects, sharpness, noise control, etc. are all counted in the picture quality category. Compared with mobile phones, 1-inch format, M4/3 format and APS-C format cameras, full-frame cameras have better image quality performance.

You can buy a full-frame camera for less than 5,000 yuan, not worth it

The third is the concept of lens conversion factor. If it is a 1-inch, M4/3 and APS-C format camera, there needs to be a concept of conversion coefficient when connecting the lens. For example, for a 10-20mm lens, the actual focal length after connecting to an M4/3 format camera is usually 20-40mm, and the actual focal length after connecting to an APS-C format camera is usually 15-30mm. If you use a full-frame camera, the actual focal length is still 10-20mm, without conversion.

What are   03 full-frame cameras?

   Although there are many camera models, when it comes to full-frame cameras, there are only a handful of models. After all, a full-frame camera is considered the highest-level camera for civilian use.

   At present, the brands involved in full-frame cameras are mainly Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Leica, and Sigma. The types of cameras are divided into two categories: SLR cameras and mirrorless cameras.

You can buy a full-frame camera for less than 5,000 yuan, not worth it

SLR cameras are mainly Canon and Nikon brands. Products involved are Canon EOS 5D4, EOS 6D2, etc., Nikon products such as D610, D810, D850, D780, etc., the price of less than 5,000 yuan is Nikon D610 SLR camera.

   There are many manufacturers involved in mirrorless cameras. Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Leica, and Sigma all have their own full-frame mirrorless cameras, and most of these products were launched in 2018. In the market, because before that, only Sony had a full-frame mirrorless camera.

  04 Is it worth buying a full-frame camera now?

   Let’s take a look at the camera market in the past year or so. No matter which brand or product line it is, it has not escaped the downward trend. Sales and sales have been declining. Especially since the beginning of this year, it has been affected by the epidemic, and many brands’ factories and raw materials have also been affected. Therefore, sales and sales have fallen sharply, and the market has been bleak.

You can buy a full-frame camera for less than 5,000 yuan, not worth it

It coincides with the 618 period, and many brands of cameras are carrying out the biggest promotion and profit-making activities this year. Therefore, it can be said that this time is the golden age of buying cameras, especially full-frame cameras. The price of many full-frame camera products has dropped by 1,000 yuan or even 2,000 yuan, which was a rare sight during the previous promotion period.

   For many friends who want to start playing photography in one step, this 618 period is the best time to buy a full-frame camera, so don’t miss it, just take it when it’s time to take it.

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