You can’t buy the Canon EOS R5 first batch

After    Canon’s newly released EOS R5 full-frame mirrorless camera went on sale, consumers are enthusiastic! The first batch has been fully booked, and even some overseas e-commerce companies are out of stock. Maybe some domestic dealers still have some in their hands. After this batch is finished, they can only wait for the second batch, and some users who have ordered overseas have already received Canon’s notice that they may have to wait for the second batch of R5. Shipment, the second batch is expected to ship in November this year.

You can't buy the Canon EOS R5 first batch

   Some people may suspect that the Canon EOS R5’s heat problem has caused late shipments. However, at present, the heat is basically consistent with the official publicity. The official has rejected the rumors and given For the corresponding shooting duration and solution, you can refer to it. Canon is already actively trying to find ways to make the new machine get better heat dissipation performance. You can expect the official to give a solution that can make the video function more powerful.

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