Z CAM released the smallest interchangeable lens 4K 10bit movie camera

  ZCAME2C is very similar to the previously released ZCAME2, in fact it is basically a downgrade version of the latter. This movie camera uses M4/3 size CMOS, 16.83 million effective pixels, supports 10bit video recording and Z-Log2 mode. In addition, the movie camera also supports gigabit network transmission speed, and can upload the in-camera video to the network in real time for live streaming.

ZCAME2C movie machineZCAME2C Movie Camera

  ZCAME2C has a body size of 91.2×89.1×83.9mm and a weight of 668g. The volume and quality are well controlled, but don’t forget to add the lens and battery in actual use. .

ZCAME2C movie machineZCAME2C movie machine

  ZCAME2C can record For 4K/30P and 1080P/60P video, the SD card speed must reach Class10. H.265 encoding can be used for 10bit recording or H.264 encoding for 8bit recording. The recording time is unlimited. There is an HDMI2.0 interface on the back of the fuselage, which can output video and audio in real time. The movie machine supports recording 24bit48kHz AAC or PCM format audio.

ZCAME2C movie machineZCAME2C movie machineZCAME2C电影机ZCAME2C movie machineZCAME2C电影机ZCAME2C movie machineZCAME2C movie machineZCAME2C movie machineZCAME2C movie machineZCAME2C movie machine

  This movie machine also supports Wi-Fi connection to iPhone, It can be used to preview the photos stored in the fuselage. It uses Canon LP batteries and USB3.0Type-C for video transmission. There is an additional network cable interface on the back of the machine to connect to a more stable wired network. It supports 3.5mm audio input and output, but cannot use the LEMO microphone interface.

   At present, this machine has been pre-sold on BH, and the body price is 799 US dollars.

  Editor’s point of view:

  As a movie machine, ZCAME2C is compact enough, and it also has a complete network interface and accessory support. If you have an M4/3 mount lens, You can shoot movies with your own monitor and tripod. The wide color gamut and 11.5-stop latitude ensure enough space for post-grading. Previously, ZCAME2 was called “the first movie camera for young people”. This time, the lower price of ZCAME2C has lowered the barriers to entry for film shooting. I hope that more people will be able to make interesting films by themselves good movie.

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